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Haydon Bros started in our home town of Fullerton, Ca. on Fender Ave in 1972.

Our initial interest and business was centered on the Volkswagen Performance and VW car club movement that is still very active today. Our VW repair business helped us to support our racing and our private engine development work.

We self -funded and raced VW drag cars, Formula Ford and Formula Super Vee open wheel race cars, all popular venues of the day.

Our VW club membership (Der Kleiner Panzers or DKP) in Anaheim Ca., is and was the preeminent organization and our friends provided all the competition and motivation we needed to learn our craft.

This was before computers and trial – error and perseverance dictated long hours and devotion to Volkswagen air cooled engines designed by Porsche. Compact in size and an elegant departure from the big muscle cars of the day, they were and are surprisingly economical. We thought they were a nice counter point to the big Detroit iron. They also produced a surprising amount of performance and power when modified.

The common design elements and superior performance of the Porsche did not escape our attention and in the late 1970’s we switched our business and concentrated on Porsche only. It was a great period to be involved, we were on the ground floor of the introduction period of the air cooled horizontally opposed 6 cylinder engine, much more refined and 911’s were a lot more fun to drive.

After the 70s...

The appreciation of this era of Porsche (both in interest and value) has contributed to our longevity (44 years). We can and do service, restore and work on all years of Porsche from the 1950’s to current models.

Many of our friends in the industry stopped servicing Porsches from 1998 onwards but we thought that decision would limit the benefit and experience of driving the new cars and participating in Porsches awesome forward thinking design and performance advancements. Every day we know we made the best decision for us. Our shop interior is a flux of the nicest classic models and the latest generation 1 and 2 Porsches.

Our personal interests, not surprisingly involve mechanical things. We are life longFormula 1 fans and private pilots. With regard to general aviation, the perspective we have gained working with aviation certified technicians and their approach to that responsibility is something we try to duplicate daily in our work.

In the late 1970’s and 1980’s there were a number of airplane owners in the Porsche driver community, there still is but the numbers are smaller. The interest in air cooled technology was a natural.

We do have a sometimes fanatical desire for cleanliness, we like organization and structure around us when we work. Our environment needs to be pleasing and we think we produce better results for our many friends and clients.

We think attention to detail is important and hope our surroundings reflect our unspoken attitude.

Our focus now is on the preservation of all Porsche models, we believe future resale value of any Porsche is better and probably most desirable, when the vehicle is unaltered. But having said that we enjoy and participate personally in the performance modifications of the early 911’s and from the historical point of view, the real enthusiasts always modified their Porsche. The quest was and remains to this day, more power, better handling and increased braking performance.

Porsche drivers also own BMW and Mercedes Benz, we service and support these cars as well. We would like to thank all of our friends that have supported us through the years, we look forward to helping you with any service matter.

-Doug and Whit Haydon